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Contemporary Style

What is contemporary decoration? Let's learn together.

Although contemporary furniture decoration style and modern furniture decoration style are seen as the same, they are actually different from each other. For this reason, let's examine the contemporary furniture decoration style together.

Contemporary Style is a decoration style that emerged later than the modern style. While the modern style is more inspired by the cool and minimalist style, the contemporary style is inspired by a more warm and friendly style.

While both enjoy simplicity and simplicity, the modern style has certain rules. However, there are no rules or norms in the contemporary style. The basis of this style is simplicity, clean lines and a clean image that emerges with items hidden in storage areas.

But unlike the modern style, leather, linen, cotton and silk fabrics are used in many parts of the decorated area. Fabrics are generally preferred from geometric and striped patterns.

Contemporary style focuses on color and shape. Black, white and pastel colors are at the top of the main decoration colors. At the same time, contrast is at the forefront in contemporary decoration.