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About Us

As Castamo Mobilya, we have been serving in the furniture sector for more than 40 years. We take care to reflect the quality and aesthetics that we always instill in a contemporary and innovative approach to all our product groups. While performing the art in furniture, we are taking firm steps towards becoming the leading company of the sector, as we have created our starting point to the extent of respect for people with supports such as interior architect support, sales and after-sales services.

Since 1977, we have been acting with the effort of reaching a corporate identity in the furniture sector and always taking it to an advanced level.


We have achieved great success by reaching that advanced in furniture  sector in a short time with our investments, high quality understanding and contemporary designs, which we started with a small workshop in 1977, under the name of IŞIKSAL MOBİLYA.

In 2006, we became a brand under the name of CASTAMO MOBİLYA adopting total quality in production and management, and made the institutionalism even more prominent.

We are happy to present great art with small touches at every stage of wood from its raw state to its use. Discover the rich product range of the Castamo Mobilya where you can feel the comfort and the quality, the poetic attitude of comfort and aesthetics, the exciting side of innovative luxury furniture models.

We present the mysterious and exciting side of Castamo Mobilya's models, which sometimes reflect the traditions and experiences, but always at the top of the lists of trend furniture models, with original designs that make you different.

Castamo Mobilya, with its professional staff and experience, exhibits the furniture models that offer perfect combinations and represent the most beautiful notes of a song.

CASTAMO MOBİLYA, with its professional staff and modern production techniques, works with full capacity in its 6000 m2 production facility and provides timely service to its customers. Castamo Mobilya, which wants to add a new one to its success in line with national and international targets, has started to provide full service (abroad) with the France Store opened in 2011.


Castamo Mobilya, with its furniture style that goes beyond the borders of the country, and which has undersigned numerous successful projects, continues to add a new one to its designs.